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Charger V3

Charger Sizes

6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 22m

To celebrate nearly 2 decades of ARC/Twinskin history, Peter Lynn Kiteboarding is proud to introduce the Charger V3. The only foilkite design on the market dedicated to offering accessible, ‘no bridle no hassle’ performance to water, land and snow based kite boarders.

This latest Arc stays true to its core identity; it is built for passionate kite flyers who enjoy the elegant flow that only a true old school kite can offer.

With the first Twinskin/ARC kites hitting the water before the turn of the century, Peter Lynn was amongst the earliest pioneers of the sport. With renowned names such as the S-ARC, Phantom, Bomba, Vortex and Venom the Peter Lynn Twinskin designs have remained innovative since the early days of kiteboarding.

By consistently standing out and staying true to our belief that ‘simplicity works best’, the latest kite once again offers all the benefits of the design. No pump, 4-lines, a small package, easy to set-up and pack down. Hit the beach, roll out your kite and start your session without having to leave anything behind.

The success of the Twinskin design is determined by the smooth way it delivers powerful performance. Whether you love to pull big kiteloops or simply enjoy a freeride session with high boosting jumps and floaty landings, the Charger delivers.

The Chargers C-shape is beautifully balanced because there are no heavy parts, this is reflected in the kites superior stability in all conditions and of course the famous ‘auto zenith’. The flexibility of the wing absorbs gusts allowing you to have a comfortable ride even in uncomfortable conditions. The high-end performance is phenomenal, the Charger never gives you an unsafe feeling and keeps its outstanding performing. Its windrange is unequalled in its kind. For the third generation Charger we have used a new fabric which is lighter and smoother, this  results in a significant reduction of overall weight and better low end performance.

Born out of the love for kite flying in its purest form, Twinskin kites are designed to provide excellent performance in all disciplines: Kiteboarding, landboarding and snowkiting. This makes the Charger the ultimate all-round, all discipline and all conditions weapon for riders who won’t limit themselves to style or terrain.

Never change a winning formula: this new version of the Charger embodies all the best aspects of the series. High wind stability, gust absorption, powerful boosts, smooth landings, proper bar pressure and superior longevity.

The Charger is designed to work in most conditions, its unbeaten stability makes it highly reliable and its shape and flexibility provide comfort even in unsteady winds.

ARC/Twinskin technology, the art of flying since 1999.






Auto Zenith

One truly unique Twinskin feature is auto zenith. This means that when you do not provide steering input, or when you let go of the bar completely, the kite will automatically park itself in the top of the wind window.

Steering adjusters

Allowing you to set the steering behaviour of the kite to your personal preference. The straps inside the tips can easily be tightened or loosened to increase/decrease turning speed and flying speed to suit your personal riding style.

Double Air intakes

For fast inflation and quick re-launch. The air intakes allow air to flow in, and the valves behind the intakes prevent air from getting out. The double air intakes with airlock valves on the Charger allow the air to get in with ease while preventing it from getting out. This increases the overall internal pressure of the kite for added performance and quicker re-launch.

Variable Power Control

For an increased wind range, easier control, personal feel on the bar and smooth power build-up. The VPC system can easily be adjusted to set the bar pressure to your personal liking. All pulleys are completely detachable so you can replace them after long term wear.

Variable Medium Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio for the 6m, 8m, 10m, and 12m ensures performance and a high flying speed while remaining stabile and quick through turns for most of the riders. The aspect ratio of the 15m, 18m and 22m is higher to ensure the same quick turns in light winds, which suits the stronger and heavier kiters and is the solution for low wind days.

Velcro Launch assistant tags

The launch assistants on each tip hold your flying lines in place and out of tangles when launching, so you can easily launch the kite by yourself.

Dirt channel & Velcro dirt-outs

Sand, snow and dirt and other unwanted sea life can easily be removed from the kite by using the Velcro dirt-outs in the wingtips. The dirt can move towards the tips via the Dirt channel along the trailing edge.

Central flight adjuster

Allowing you to adjust the ‘feel and power’ of the kite. The centre strap helps you set the power and flying behaviour to your personal liking. Adjust the kite to your style rather than your style to the kite.